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Marketing How We Bring Attention To Our Clients In 2020
Your brand is your worth in 2020

The Greatest Marketing Opportunity Of The 21st Century

TikTok (formerly has recently risen to become one the most used social media apps worldwide. In fact, it is the second most-downloaded free app on the App Store as of June 2020. Surpassing the social behemoths of Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, and Snapchat.

With Kids as the emerging demographic, it is becoming more apparent how much influence and buying power children have in the modern family. This platform has recently hit 1.5 Billion downloads. Other platforms like Facebook do not allow this demographic to be users on their platform, which has an age limit of 13+. This is an entirely untapped market that you can engage in your content and sell!

Unlike Instagram which can be saturated with “professional”  content creators, and influencers, Tik- Tok is a fresh new outlet for your business. Additionally, the algorithm Tiik-Tok uses allows for anybody, or any business to go viral with the right piece of content. The integrated camera functionality allows for easy-use of its’ features. Whether this is selecting music, adding text, or using filters. ICEWATER remains current with the emerging trends of Tik-Tok, which build your profitability and presence.

Here are the latest marketing strategies that you can use to capture new clientele, sales, and attention.
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