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Logo & Identity Design

Your brand’s visual identity is a complete system of marks, colors, typography, and distinct visual elements that represent your unique look and feel. The logo is the single most important mark in this system and serves as your rally cry—a flag that you can wave and be proud of. Once we’ve completed the identity, it’s all captured in a book of Brand Standards, ensuring that the look and feel of your brand remains consistent across all communication points.


Brand Audit

Our process digs deep to determine the current value that exists in your brand. We find out what people think, how you’re presenting yourself and what your competitors are saying and doing. This evaluation allows us to discover where you are currently and where you want to be in the future.

Brand Strategy & Positioning

Once we identify your brand’s ideal reputation, we figure out the best way to get there. This involves creating target audience personas, a positioning statement, brand attributes and a core purpose. It’s all summarized in a one-page document that guides further brand development.





Choosing a name for your brand is a hard task, which is why it requires a rigorous process and sturdy principles. We not only help you find a name that works for your brand, but also one that can be trademarked and have an effective domain name.

Brand Voice & Messaging

From tag-lines to corporate summaries, a great way to stand out in the market is by having a unique personality, expressed through a consistent brand voice. After developing your distinct voice, we present it to the world through a tool kit of high-level messages that simply communicate who you are and what you offer in succinct and compelling ways.